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Enya Engine 36-4CD DIESEL AL-CHRO TN


  • Light weight, Low vibration, very smooth!
  • Reliable structure!
  • Suitable for scale and sport plane!
  • AL-CHROME Cylinder and Piston
  • High performance


  • Displacement: 5.89 cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 21.0 x 17.0 mm
  • Weight: 403g w/muffler, plug
  • Power: 0.6 HP
  • Rev. Range: 1,800~9,000 rpm
  • Suitable prop: 12~14?8~5 in.
  • Suit. Plane weight: 2.0~3.5 kg


£389.99 Each



Enya Engine 41-4C R/C

A very powerful little 41 sized four stroke, the 41 is ideal for 40 sized scale models, as it is only marginally less powerful than a 40 two stroke, and is the same physical size. In engine tests in U.K model magazines the Enya 41 reached a very useful 1.1 HP * and was only 5 % less powerful than the Enya SS40 two stroke. The engine comes with silencer and features a semi automatic choke.

You can also replace a Enya SS 40 two stroke with one of these engines - it drops in the same space.

While not being the most economic four stroke on the market, this engine is way ahead of the rest in performance and size.

With all the pushrods and carb parts at the rear of the engine, they are much less prone to damage in a crash

Tests and reviews have found it only 5 percent less powerful than an SS40 Two Stroke.

Displacement 6.64 cc

Bore 22.3 mm

Stroke 17.0 mm

Weight 370 g

Useful RPM 2,500 to 13,000 rpm

Power : 0.8 HP

Recommed Use :Sport, trainer, scale and aerobatic aeroplanes

Note : Factory 'Useful' power figures quoted. Without exception when tested in various magazine and independent engine reviews * Enya Engines always have a higher HP than qouted in tested factory figures.

We can assure you , if you are a four stroke fan and you fly with an Enya 41 FS you will never look back


£179.99 Each



Customers Also Considered

Enya Engine 41-4C R/C Diesel Engine

Enya arrived at this collectors diesel engine by converting the ever popular 41 – 4 C and engine which in our opinion is the best 40 size four stroke ever made. Although outwardly the engine appears to a diesl’ized’ version on the 41 Glow Four |Stroke, the engine differs much internally.

The diesel has a cast iron piston and a steel liner, which is more traditional for a diesel engine arrangement. The 41-4 C Glow features a ringed piston.

The diesel conrod is made to take the strain, it is double bushed and forged – much stronger and much heavier than the glow version. The crank shaft is heavier to. A diesel relies on compression to work and so the stresses on an engine are far great than a glow.

Enya rather than convert a Glow – have gone the step further and taken a design that works well as a Glow and altered the design and specification to carry the strain of being a diesel engine. A blanking slug ( which looks like an Enya 3 Glow Plug) can alter the compression slightly by using different washers.
The Enya 41 D is much more expensive to produce than the glow version, this is mainly due to the amount of time spent with each individual engine ensuring a Piston and Liner fit for the diesel compression

The Enya 41-4 C diesel is supplied with all parts – all though some parts like the pushrod tubes are to be fitted by the user. This is because the compression can be altered. This engine is for the experienced modeller only. This is engine seems to have been made for the sheer pleasure of doing something amazing well!

Worth noting the supplied rocker covers are best removed during running. Enya have designed the engine to run with the covers off and Enya and the customers tend prefer to see the rockers going up and down - than being covered up. If you do fit the rocker covers - ensure that there is enough clearance for the rockers, its such a close fit sometimes a Gasket is required for each rocker cover - check before running or preferable if you are running the engine - run with out the covers and keep the covers on for static display only

Enya recommend 36% paraffin and 36% ether and 25% castor oil and with a 2 to 3 % splash of Amyl Nitrate. Model Technics and Southern Model Craft make appropriate diesel mixes in the U.K.

This engine is super quiet, possibly one of the nicest four stroke sounds you will ever hear. It is much quiter than the standard 41 or 53 glow four strokes -even without the silencer! Although aimed at collectors and it really would make a super ornament on a mantle piece, this engine is designed and built to run and we obtained around 9400 on a Bolly 11.5 x 5 prop. This was using a Sport Diesel mix, slightly less oil would probably produce more RPM as would a fiddle with the compression. Expect around 5500 to 8000 RPM on 12,13 to 14 x 6 props.

Steve Dorling of the RCME reviewed this engine in two parts in the November and December 2006 RCME's. He says : ''Starting proved a non event, with but a single choked turn on the prop, followed by a few leisurely swings to coax her into life'' and he concludes the review saying this : ''Applause Please - To summarise, Enya are to be applauded for thier decision to go ahead with this interesting engine, which doubtless arrived as a result of them taking a 41 4 C Glow engine and fiddling around to se if the concept would work. WELL it does and now you can buy one of the shelf. Mind you, its not cheap.''


£399.99 Each



Enya 4C Glow Plug Ref EP00204

Specially developed by Enya for Four-Stroke engines, this plug gives improved stability at low engine speeds compared to the Enya No. 3 glow plug.

For many years modellers have used the Enya 3 Glow Plug in two strokes and four stroke in all makes of engines. The No 3 is a plug that runs as well in four strokes. In many cases we find the No 3 performs better than other specific four stroke manufacture plugs.

Imagine what would happen if Enya took that world beating favourite Enya No 3glow plug and made it more suitable for four stroke?

Glow plugs are considered to be consumables - But by using a low voltage to start ( under 1.5 volts) and not burning the plug dry, you prolong the life of your glow plug. It is also worth washing out a new engine after running in to prevent small particles shorting the plug and destroying it. Blowing plugs on new engines is less common now a days, but is still something that can happen.



£7.98 Each
5 for £36.75

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