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Low Profile and Slim Wing Servos

43 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pEtronix ET2036 9.5Kg/0.09s LP Digital Servo Coreless Metal Gear Etronix low-profile coreless digital servo. Full s...[learn more] £39.99[Supplier Stock]help
pEtronix ET2035 8.2Kg/0.11s LP Digital Servo Metal Gear Etronix low-profile digital servo. Full selection ...[learn more] £19.99 
pFutaba BLS174SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Low Profile Servo This low profile servo is designed for aileron use...[learn more] £119.99[Supplier Stock]help
pFutaba BLS571SV Low Profile Servo HV S-Bus2 0.10s/11.0Kg This new low profile servo has been optimised for ...[learn more] £116.99 
pFutaba S9154 Specially designed digital wing servo, perfect for...[learn more] £63.99 
pFutaba S9102 A super powerful servo, useful for many applicatio...[learn more] £58.99Out of stock
pHitec HS7115TH Digital Wing Servo 8mm Thickness You can never be too rich or too thin! Thats our p...[learn more] £58.994 for £227.96
pHitec HS-8775MG DIGITAL LOW PROFILE SERVO CORELESS Featuring a coreless motor for smooth operation an...[learn more] £56.992 for £107.98
pHitec D777MG Ultra Response Low Profile Servo Low profile digital programmable servo which featu...[learn more] £55.992 for £105.98
pHitec D145SW Wide Voltage Slim Wing Servo A premium digital servo that puts an emphasis on p...[learn more] £44.99 
pHitec HS-5125MG Slim Metal Gear Digital Wing Servo At 10mm thick, the Hitec HS-5125MG servo is a grea...[learn more] £32.994 for £127.96
pHitec HS-125MG Slim Metal Gear Wing Servo The analogue HS-125MG is truly a super thin servo ...[learn more] £25.992 for £49.98
8 for £196.00
pHitec HS-77BB Low Profile Aileron Servo With its low profile design and strong standing to...[learn more] £19.794 for £75.96
8 for £150.00
pMacGregor MG2611WHV 11kg/0.10s HV WING SERVO The MG2611WHV is an ultra high speed and torque wi...[learn more] £39.95 
pMacGregor MG2107WHV 6.6kg/0.10s HV WING SERVO The MG2107WHV is an ultra thin (8mm), high speed w...[learn more] £37.95 
pMacGregor KST DS125MG MkII Servo (Steel Gear Version) Another servo from KST. Again it features a full m...[learn more] £27.95Out of stock
pMKS HBL6625 HV Wing Servo The MKS HBL6625 Wing Servo. High voltage, brushle...[learn more] £119.99Out of stock
pMKS HBL 6625 Mini MKS HBL6625 Mini wing servo Torque: 5.2 kg-cm (...[learn more] £109.99[Supplier Stock]help
pMKS HV6130 Wing Servo Digital Metal Gear All Aluminium Case ...[learn more] £67.99Out of stock
pMKS HV6130H Wing Servo Digital Metal Gear All Aluminium Case ...[learn more] £67.99 
pMKS HV75K Wing Servo For DLG, HLG & F3K. Note: due to the high-precisi...[learn more] £59.99[Supplier Stock]help
pMKS HV75K-N Wing Servo The MKS HV75K-N servo is the high voltage lugless ...[learn more] £59.99 
pMKS DS65K Wing Servo At last! the DS65K For the first time precision ac...[learn more] £55.20 
pMKS DS75K Wing Servo The all new MKS DS75K Servo, an ideal servo for DL...[learn more] £55.20 
pMKS HV6100 Servo MKS HV6100Torque: 2.6 kg-cm (6.0V) / 3.0 kg-cm (7....[learn more] £36.99 
pMKS HV6110 Wing Servo The MKS HV6110 is a high voltage version of the ac...[learn more] £36.99 
pMKS DS6188 Wing Servo New servo from MKS aimed to be an all-rounder for ...[learn more] £31.99[Supplier Stock]help
pMKS DS6100 Wing Servo The MKS DS6100 is an incredibly small servo, and y...[learn more] £31.50Out of stock
pPowerHD BLS-0804HV Brushless 7.4v Titanium (9Kg/0.042sec) Torque: 6.0V: 7.6 kg-cm (105.54 oz/in) 7.4V: ...[learn more] £99.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD BLS-1205HV Brushless 7.4v Titanium (12Kg/0.055sec) Torque: 6.0V: 10.7 kg-cm (148.6 oz/in) 7.4V: ...[learn more] £99.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD L12HV 7.4V Low Profile Alu Case (12.0Kg/0.06sec) Torque: 6.0V: 9.0 kg-cm (125.0 oz/in) 7.4V: 1...[learn more] £73.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 1207TG Low Profile Digital (8.0Kg/0.09sec) Torque 4.8V: 7.0 kg-cm (97.21 oz/in) 6.0V: 8....[learn more] £54.99[Supplier Stock]help
pRipmax Quartz QZ201 Servo - Digital (0.13sec/ This high quality, high performance servo is inten...[learn more] £24.99 
pRipmax Quartz QZ202 Servo - Digital (0.11sec/5.56kg) This high quality, high performance servo is inten...[learn more] £24.99Out of stock
pRipmax Quartz QZ203 Servo - Digital (0.11sec/5.56kg) This high quality, high performance servo is inten...[learn more] £24.99Out of stock
pSavox SB-2261MG Brushless Low Profile Servo The SB2261MG pushes 10 of torque and a blist...[learn more] £73.99 
pSavox SB2263MG Black - Low Profile Brushless Digi 10kg/0.076s@6.0v Savox have listened to racers requests and release...[learn more] £57.99 
pSAVOX SB-2263MG LOW PROFILE BRUSHLESS DIGI SERVO 10KG/0.076S@6.0V This servos combines leading edge technology with ...[learn more] £52.99 
pSavox SC-1251MG Black Ed. Digital Low Profile Servo 9.0kg @ 6v Savox have listened to racers requests and release...[learn more] £41.99 
pSavox SC-1252MG Low Profile Coreless Digital Servo Low profile dimensions make the SC-1252MG a perfec...[learn more] £37.99 
pSavox SC-1251MG DIGITAL LOW PROFILE SERVO Whoever said that size doesn't matter was right! C...[learn more] £36.99[Supplier Stock]help
pSavox SG-0211MG Low Profile Glider Digi Servo 8Kg/0.13@6V The Savox SG-0211MG servo is only 10mm deep and th...[learn more] £36.50 
pSpektrum A7030 High Voltage Wing Servo The A7030 is the ideal fit for both thin-wing glid...[learn more] £26.994 for £103.96

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