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26 to 35 gram Servos

25 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pAlturn AAS-645LMG / Low Profile (High Speed) Logic RC Alturn USA AAS-645LMGAlturn AAS-645LMG / ...[learn more] £20.99 
pCirrus CS503R 7Kg Low Profile Servo The 503R is a lightly constructed, light weight po...[learn more] £18.99Out of stock
pEtronix ET2026 6.6Kg/0.09s Mini Digital Servo Coreless Metal Gear Etronix mini digital servo. Full selection of serv...[learn more] £24.99 
pFutaba BLS651 Servo - Brushless 0.12s/6.1kg Primarily developed for use with 1/12 scale EP car...[learn more] £134.99 
pFutaba BLS671SV Servo HV S-Bus2 0.10s/8.3Kg - Car Primarily aimed at EP car use, the new BLS671SV se...[learn more] £124.99 
pFutaba BLS671SVI - Servo Car HV S-Bus2 0.10s/8.3Kg Developed to provide the ultimate steering servo f...[learn more] £124.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS173SVI - Brushless HV S-Bus2 Mini Servo 0.10s/7.6Kg The Futaba BLS173SVI S.Bus2 Brushless High Voltage...[learn more] £113.99 
pFutaba BLS173SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Mini Servo 0.10s/7.6kg The Futaba BLS173SVI S.Bus2 Brushless High Voltage...[learn more] £107.99 
pFutaba S9257 Mini Heli Rudder Servo For high performance electric helicopters so popul...[learn more] £58.99 
pFutaba S135 A small, economical, high speed mini servo with ex...[learn more] £27.50Out of stock
pHitec HS-7245MH HV Mini Coreless HTD Watch out, here it comes! Hitec's high voltage, co...[learn more] £51.252 for £101.98
4 for £199.96
pHitec HS-5245MG Mini Metal Gear Digital Servo With a custom programmable digital circuit and our...[learn more] £28.994 for £114.00
pHitec HS-225MG Metal Gear Mighty Mini Servo The analogue HS-225MG represents a good value with...[learn more] £21.994 for £86.00
8 for £167.92
pJR DS3500G Mini Digital Tail Servo Suitable for the tail on 450 to 500 size electric ...[learn more] £53.95[Supplier Stock]help
pJR DS3405 JR DS3405 Metal Geared Digital Mini ServoWith meta...[learn more] £42.99[Supplier Stock]help
pMKS DS8910A+ Mini Size Servo Titanium Geared MKS DS8910A+ Mini Size Servo Titanium Geared S0008...[learn more] £64.99[Supplier Stock]help
pMKS DS9660A+ Mini Size Servo MKS DS9660A+ Mini Size Servo S00080A1 Dimensions...[learn more] £45.50 
pNew-Power XLD-25HMB Digital Servo Digital, mini size servo that is suitable for airc...[learn more] £19.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 3688MG Digital (3.0Kg/0.06sec) Gyro Servo Torque: 4.8V: 2.5 kg-cm (34.72 oz/in) 6.0V: 3...[learn more] £30.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 3689MG Digital (4.8Kg/0.09sec) Gyro Servo Torque: 4.8V: 4.2 kg-cm (58.33 oz/in) 6.0V: 4...[learn more] £30.99[Supplier Stock]help
pSavox SH-1250MG Mini Size Cyclic This coreless motor was made with a light weight d...[learn more] £38.99[Supplier Stock]help
pSavox SH-1350 Mini Size Coreless Digital Servo The introduction of the new SH-1350 servo from Sav...[learn more] £33.99 
pSavox SH-1357 Mini Size Coreless Digital Servo The new SH-1357 servo from Savox is light, respons...[learn more] £33.99 
pSpektrum H5000 Servo The full range of Spektrum Servos - IS HERE - You ...[learn more] £27.99 
pTower Pro MG938 Mini Servo Weight: 31 g Dimension: 35.4*15.2*29.6 mm Stall ...[learn more] £21.992 for £39.98

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