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5 to 8 gram Servos

17 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pAlturn AAS-305BB 6.2g Servo From Logic RC The P-AAS305B Alturn AAS-305BB 6.2g ...[learn more] £9.99Out of stock
pE-Flite S75 Sub-Micro 7.5g Servo The S75 is housed in an attractive transparent gre...[learn more] £16.35[Supplier Stock]help
pFutaba S3110 Futaba's latest Sub Micro Servo. Blistering speed ...[learn more] £16.50Out of stock
pFutaba S3114 Micro High-Torque Servo A high speed micro servo weighing in at only 7.8g ...[learn more] £15.992 for £31.50
pHitec HS-5055 MG Digital Since its introduction, the HS-55 has set the stan...[learn more] £18.994 for £71.96
8 for £119.92
pHitec HS-55 Economy Feather Servo The HS-55 set the standard for affordable performa...[learn more] £9.894 for £39.00
10 for £95.00
pHitec HS-53 Super-Economy Feather, Nylon Gear Servo The HS-53 is our economical, feather servo designe...[learn more] £9.50Out of stock
pMultiplex Nano S Servo The Nano S continues the Multiplex tradition of af...[learn more] £18.99Out of stock
pNew-Power XLD-6 Digital Servo A micro digital servo with good speed and torque. ...[learn more] £8.754 for £34.00
pPowerHD DSM44 MG Digital (1.6Kg/0.07sec) Metal Gear Torque: 4.8V: 1.20 kg-cm (16.7 oz/in) 6.0V: 1...[learn more] £12.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 1800A (1.3Kg/0.08sec/8.0g) Torque: 4.8V: 1.0 kg-cm (13.8 oz/in) 6.0V: 1....[learn more] £5.99[Supplier Stock]help
pPowerHD 1550A (0.9Kg/0.1sec) Torque: 4.8V: 0.9 kg-cm (12.4 oz/in) 6.0V: 1....[learn more] £5.50 
pPowerHD 1600A (1.2Kg/0.1sec) Torque: 4.8V: 1.2 kg-cm (16.7 oz/in) 6.0V: 1....[learn more] £5.50 
pRipmax SD100 A sub -micro servo with a whopping 1.1kg of torque...[learn more] £22.504 for £87.96
pSpektrum A3030 Mid Torque High Speed SubMicro Plastic Servo This servo's lightweight plastic gears, digital pr...[learn more] £16.49 
pTower Pro SG51R Micro Digital Servo SG51R micro digital servo SG51R is a good choice ...[learn more] £4.494 for £16.80
10 for £39.90
pTWM SV2031 Micro Servo Cable 125mm This servo is only available at Steve Webb Models ...[learn more] £7.99Out of stock

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