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Ben Buckle Traditional Kits

40 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pBen Buckle Falcon The structure of this model is most satisfying to ...[learn more] £146.99 
pBen Buckle Super Buccaneer Ben Buckle's Amazing Super BuccaneerBen Shereshaw ...[learn more] £146.99 
pBen Buckle Double Diamond Ben Buckle Double DiamondThis is a twice size vers...[learn more] £119.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Lanzo Record Breaker Ben Buckle Lanzo Record Breaker Masses of wing and...[learn more] £119.99 
pBen Buckle Majestic Major The Junior 60 proved to be so successful over the ...[learn more] £119.99 
pBen Buckle Flying Quaker The largest of the Quaker series is a scaled up Qu...[learn more] £112.99 
pBen Buckle Elf Biplane This is a 60 inch scale up of the original Frank E...[learn more] £84.99 
pBen Buckle Radio Queen The Radio Queen is one of our best selling vintage...[learn more] £84.99 
pBen Buckle Super 60 4ch The 4 channel Super 60 is an updated version of ou...[learn more] £79.99 
pBen Buckle Super 60 Low Wing Trainer This is Ben's kit of the Low wing Super 60. The ki...[learn more] £79.99 
pBen Buckle Great News The Great News is an enlargement of the Good News ...[learn more] £78.99 
pBen Buckle Red Zephyr With it's tip dihedral and long fuselage the Red Z...[learn more] £78.99 
pBen Buckle Super Scorpion Ben Buckle's Amazingly super duper floaty Super Sc...[learn more] £78.99 
pBen Buckle Long Cabin Ben first saw the Long Cabin flying on a visit to ...[learn more] £77.99 
pBen Buckle Playboy Senior The Playboy Senior is one of the best performing e...[learn more] £77.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Super 60 3 Function Well loved by many modellers, the Super 60 is gent...[learn more] £77.99 
pBen Buckle Taylorcraft 70" This model by Earl Stahl can be built as 3 or 4 ch...[learn more] £77.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Fokker D VIII If you want to start building and flying scale mod...[learn more] £72.99 
pBen Buckle Standard Buccaneer The Ben Buckle Standard BuccaneerThe Buccaneer Sta...[learn more] £72.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Junior 60 The Ben Buckle Junior 60 has it's origins in free ...[learn more] £69.99 
pBen Buckle Junior 60 - Electric The electric version of the Junior 60. Makes an id...[learn more] £69.99 
pBen Buckle Southerner 60 One of the all time classic vintage designs, the o...[learn more] £69.99 
pBen Buckle Galahad A semi scale low wing sport flier. Quick and easy ...[learn more] £64.99 
pBen Buckle Quaker Flash The Quaker Flash was amongst the first range of ki...[learn more] £64.99 
pBen Buckle Bushwhacker This is The BB kit of the Bushwhacker. It contain...[learn more] £58.99 
pBen Buckle Novice Sid King the designer of the Novice (1975) is a ve...[learn more] £56.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Slicker 50 The classic Slicker 50 just the way it used to be....[learn more] £56.99 
pBen Buckle Mini Super - a Mini Super 60 .If the Super 60 is too big for you, try the Mini ...[learn more] £52.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Matador Ben Buckle kits - retro builders kits - just like ...[learn more] £51.99 
pBen Buckle Taylorcraft 48" A semi scale model from 1941 based on the short ta...[learn more] £51.99 
pBen Buckle Hepcat Simple to build with a great climb and glide. A li...[learn more] £49.99 
pBen Buckle Outlaw Simple and lightweight for flawless flight. A winn...[learn more] £49.99 
pBen Buckle Diamond Demon One of BB's best selling smaller kits and a really...[learn more] £46.99 
pBen Buckle Slicker 42 This is our new Slicker 42 kit and is surely one o...[learn more] £46.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle The Challenger A classic vintage design and a very fine flyer. Th...[learn more] £46.99 
pBen Buckle Wing Kit Super 60 4 CH Type Ben Buckle's Super 60 4 Channel Conversion Wing Ki...[learn more] £39.99[Supplier Stock]help
pBen Buckle Bandit This model whilst most normally built as a free fl...[learn more] £36.99 
pBen Buckle Slicker Mite A smaller version of the Slicker but equally as ex...[learn more] £35.99 
pBen Buckle Pirate A small model that fits very easily into any car. ...[learn more] £31.99Out of stock
pBen Buckle Southerner Mite The Ben Buckle Southerner MiteA smaller version of...[learn more] £29.50Out of stock

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