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Modelling Tools

43 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price
pCML 80W SOLDERING IRON W/240V LEAD CML 80W SOLDERING IRON W/240V LEAD Exactly as it says on the tin!...[learn more] £11.99 
pE-Flite AnglePro II 5-in-1 Digital Throw/Incidence Meter Allows for easy calculation and adjustment of cont...[learn more] £54.99[Supplier Stock]help
pEvolution HDG200 240V Digital Heat Gun 071-0001 Evolution Heat Gun gives instantaneous heat and fe...[learn more] £44.99 
pGraupner Balsa Plane Made of die-cast aluminium, top with hammered fini...[learn more] £9.99 
pGraupner Replacement blades for balsa plane Replacement Blades for Balsa Blades Stable and sh...[learn more] £5.99 
pHobbycraft Plank Bending Tool Modelcraft Plank Bending Tool with 1 Blades This ...[learn more] £8.50 
pHumbrol Medium Tool Set AG9159 The Kit Modellers Tool Set is specifically designe...[learn more] £21.99 
pIrvine Heat Covering Iron PRO TCT01 The Irvine Pro Sealing Iron features sophisticated...[learn more] £37.99Out of stock
pJP ModelCraft Cordless Folding Lamp (LC8045LED) Be honest, how many times have you fumbled around ...[learn more] £36.99 
pJP SC7080 Soldercraft 80W-230V Soldering Iron Direct connection to mains (220-240V) a sturdy h...[learn more] £18.95 
pJP Slec SL47 Thrifty Balsa Stripper ECONOMICAL You can save 50% of your strip wood co...[learn more] £16.99 
pJP Z-Bend Pliers (5537318) The finest tool yet devised for putting Z-bends in...[learn more] £15.99 
pJP Slec SL93 Propeller Balancer Cost effective solution to balancing your propelle...[learn more] £12.35 
pJP Adjustable Balsa Stripper (1mm to 58mm) Easy to use Custom Balsa Stripper...[learn more] £11.99 
pJP Hot Wire Foam Cutter Use this tool for shaping items for use as ballast...[learn more] £11.99 
pJP Helping Hand Magnifer This ingenious tool features a glass magnifier and...[learn more] £7.95 
pJP Heat Glove Essential for smooth application of model covering...[learn more] £6.50Out of stock
pJP Multi Plug Solder Station Jig You know what it's like, when it comes to solderin...[learn more] £5.99[Supplier Stock]help
pJP Heat Iron Sock Get that Pro Finish. Its easy when you know how. P...[learn more] £5.25 
pJR Portable Soldering Iron JR Propo Portable soldering iron for use in the wo...[learn more] £24.95 
pK&S 323 Mini Wire Bender The Mini Wire Bender is a smaller version of the M...[learn more] £18.99[Supplier Stock]help
pK&S 296 Tube Cutter The K&S Tube Cutter handles round brass, aluminium...[learn more] £8.50[Supplier Stock]help
pK&S 321 Tube Bender Kit (Brass,Aluminium,Copper) Tube benders that handle sizes to 3/16ins O.D. Ben...[learn more] £4.75 
pMultiplex 693054 Centre of Gravity Gauge Multiplex 693054 Centre of Gravity GaugeIf a model...[learn more] £39.99[Supplier Stock]help
pProlux Digital LCD Thermal Sealing Iron / Stand Looking for a covering iron with that little bit '...[learn more] £29.99 
pProlux Digital LED Thermal Sealing Iron / Stand For any heat shrink film or fabric covering. Teflo...[learn more] £26.99 
pProlux Thermal Sealing Iron / Stand From CML the very popular Prolux PX1361AGB Thermal...[learn more] £25.99 
pProlux Cotton Sock for Sealing Iron Suitable for Prolux Sealing Irons, but will also fit other makes....[learn more] £3.75 
pRipmax Custom Sealing Iron w/Alu Stand Even if you build ARTF's the occasion arises when ...[learn more] £25.99Out of stock
pRipmax David-4 Combi Plane w/Blades The most versatile razor plane money can buy, the ...[learn more] £15.50Out of stock
pRipmax Irvine Engine Test Stand Made of strong and sturdy metal, this engine stand...[learn more] £14.99Out of stock
pRipmax Professional Balsa Plane This high quality metal plane is perfect to use wi...[learn more] £12.99 
pRipmax Professional Balsa Plane - Spare Blades (5pcs) 5 Spare blades to suit the Ripmax Professional Bal...[learn more] £6.99 
pRipmax David-4 Blades Only (Pk10) Blades for the Combi Plane. (T-DT4)...[learn more] £6.39Out of stock
pRipmax Heat Sealing Iron Cover Want to make a professional job? Then this is what...[learn more] £4.25Out of stock
pSWD HK Mr Jig - E.P Connector Assistant You might want to solder a 3mm or 4mm or perhaps a...[learn more] £8.99Out of stock
pTamiya + Screw Driver Number 2 The Tamiya series of craft tools are the best mode...[learn more] £4.99 
pTamiya + Screw Driver Number 1 The Tamiya series of craft tools are the best mode...[learn more] £4.50Out of stock
pTamiya SP38 Tool Set Inc Box Spanner! If there's one tool that changed everything in the...[learn more] £3.99 
pTamiya Finishing Abrasive Very fine finishing paper, simply the best you could ever buy....[learn more] £1.10Out of stock
pTop Flite Precision Magnetic Balancer Over time, prop vibration can do a lot of damage t...[learn more] £32.50 
pWorld Models Clevis Wrench Often we get told that the clevis's on World Model...[learn more] £3.99 
pWorld Models Prop Adaptor Wrench 5 mm Prop Adaptor Code No: HW3111700 Package: 1 pc/pkg Description...[learn more] £3.99 

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