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TWM SV3031A Mini Servo 340mm Cable

This servo is only available at Steve Webb Models and Direct on ServoShop

This is a quality servo made by The World Models and used in many of thier designs. Note that this servo has a long lead 340mm with Fut/JR/Hitec/Spektrum style connector so that when the servo is. This 340 mm lead saves weight if it saves the use of an extension lead.

By having slightly longer than normal leads it can save needing an extension lead, depending on the installation.The B Servo version (SV3031B Mini Servo 780mm Cable) has an even longer lead if you need to install in the wing. See listing below this listing.

Code No SV3031A


  • Size 28.5x13.3x30.6mm
  • -Speed: 0.16 sec / 60° @4.8V 0.12 sec / 60° @6.0V
  • -Torque: 2.3 @4.8V 2.5 @6.0V
  • -Cable Length:340mm
  • -Weight:17g (with wire)

Further Description

Mini Servo with plastic gears for general use. This servo is used in many of the The Wings Maker Models and The World Models designs.

Top quality and with deals on quantity you cannot go wrong. The lead is slightler longer than normal servos, but if you are after a extra long lead, try the B Servo of this servo ( see other listing).



£8.99 Each
4 for £34.00
8 for £66.00


TWM SV2031 Micro Servo Cable 125mm

This servo is only available at Steve Webb Models and Direct on ServoShop

This is a quality servo made by The World Models and used in many of thier designs. The Wings Maker Series uses this servo mainly for ailerons - one in each wing. It's a servo we have used ourselves with no problems, but as with any micro servo this unit should only be operated electronically by the radio as turning the servo by hand can strip gears.


  • Size: 22.4 x 11.4 x 20.0 mm

Package: 1 set/pkg

  • Speed: 0.1 sec / 60° @4.8V
  • Torque: 1.6 / 22.2 oz-in @4.8V
  • Weight: 7.8 g / 0.28 oz
  • Cable Length: 125 mm

Please note you can save money in the quantity deals



£7.99 Each
4 for £27.96
8 for £52.00


Customers Also Considered

The Wings Maker J10B Fighter Kit Ref GE034

The J-10B Fighter - now available in the U.K at SWM and ServoShop! Please note this is the kit version and other items are needed to complete this model.

The videos below show the J10 flying in various conditions. In one video you will get to see how the J10 handles the wind and in the other videos there's some great general club flying and J10 chases, Warning if you watch the videos you will want one!

  • 'Kit set' Version
  • The Wings Maker's electric jet series
  • Hot aerobatics at high speed and scaled flying at low speed
  • Lightweight and strong EPO foam provides structural strength and rigidity
Code No.:GE034
Wing Span:28.7 in / 730 mm
Wing Area:310 sq in / 20 sq dm
Flying Weight:28.5 oz / 805 g
Fuselage Length:42.7 in / 1085 mm
Requires:Outrunner Motor 28/31 KM0283110 and Ducted Fan Propulsion Unit PL6800010, 4-channel "mixing radio" (elevator and aileron) w/ 3 micro servos SV2031, 40A (burst 50A) brushless ESC and 3 cells 11.1V 20C 2100mAh battery and charger

ESC Specifications - Please Note

Although the manufacturer recommends a 30/35 Amp ESC for this aircraft, we have found that the World Models 70mm Fan unit can draw in excess of 37 Amps on a good battery. Following many flights with our own models we would recommend a 40 to 50 amp ESC on a 3 Cell Set Up and if using the 4 Cell Turbo Motor and TWM Fan we recommend a 60 to 70 amp ESC.

As with all final fix motor installations you should check the ESC used is adequate for your individual set up

From our own experience we did not find epoxy the best type of glue for EPO and we recommend Bob Smiths Super Gold or Gold Cyno or Multiplex Zacki adhesive. Many standard forms of Cyno adhesives can also be used, but we always advise testing unknown glues on scrap foam before committing them to use.



£54.99 Each



The Wings Maker Sunrise EP Black(Kit)

Reduced in Price While Stocks Last! Special Offer

The Wings Maker GM040XM Sunrise EP Black mainly colour decals (Kit)


  • Symmetrical airfoil wings with precision control surfaces for F3A manoeuvres.
  • Durable foam construction takes care of un-intentional touch downs.
  • Powerful outrunner motor (optional) enhances vertical aerobatic performance.
  • Kit and pre-assembled combo version available.
  • Black and pink colour schemes are available.


  • Code No. : GM040XM
  • Wing Span : 39.5 in / 1000 mm
  • Wing Area : 292 sq in / 18.8 sq dm
  • Flying Weight : 27 oz / 760 g
  • Fuselage Length : 40.5 in / 1030 mm
  • Requires : 4-channel radio, Brushless Outrunner Motor 28/ 30 (KM0283010), 4 Micro Servos ( SV2031), Propeller Adaptor (HW2340100), 30A+ brushless ESC, 3 cells 11.1V 15C 1800 mAh Li-Po battery and charger.

The Sunrise is proving to be so popular with model flying clubs and modellers in general. It has been found to be ideal model for Club Aerobatic events or 'One Model' events. We here at SWM/ServoShop are committed to supporting and promoting this hobby as much as we possibly can and so we are making available a Club Deal rate of 49.99 per Sunrise kit when purchased in fives or over. Not only is the model discounted further, but carriage will also be more economic as you hit the FREE carriage band (in the U.K).

We are offering a similar type of deal on the HandyMan models

If you need extra servos or spare servos for Wings Maker - then click the link to take you to the Wings Maker Servos

More images


£59.99 Each

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