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Futaba servos

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88 Products Found
 Make Model Description Price DealsQuantity
pFutaba BLS275SV Servo 3D/F3C HV S-Bus2 0.07s/15.2Kg Developed for helicopter and aircraft use, the BLS...[learn more] £209.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS177SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo 0.11s/37.0Kg Weight: 79g Dimensions: 40.5 x 21 x 38.4mm Gea...[learn more] £199.99 
pFutaba BLS172SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo 0.11s/37.0Kg Overview The new flagship in the extensive range ...[learn more] £174.99 
pFutaba BLS251SB Servo - Heli (4.8v) S-Bus2 0.06s/3.8Kg Overview Specifications Over...[learn more] £134.99 
pFutaba BLS276SV Servo - Heli HV S-Bus2 0.05s/5.0Kg Overview A dedicated helicopter tail rotor servo,...[learn more] £134.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS651 Servo - Brushless 0.12s/6.1kg Overview Primarily developed for use with 1/12 sc...[learn more] £134.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS175SV S.Bus Prog High-Torque Servo Futaba Ripmax Code S-SBL175SBHV - BLS175SV S.Bus ...[learn more] £132.99 
pFutaba BLS152 Servo - Brushless 0.14s/31.0kg Overview The most powerful standard size servo av...[learn more] £129.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS272SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo 0.08s/12.0Kg Overview Specifically developed for helicopter us...[learn more] £129.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS171SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo 0.10s/11.8Kg Overview Intended for use in aircraft, either ele...[learn more] £124.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS671SV Servo HV S-Bus2 0.10s/8.3Kg - Car Overview Primarily aimed at EP car use, the new B...[learn more] £124.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS671SVI - Servo Car HV S-Bus2 0.10s/8.3Kg Overview Developed to provide the ultimate steerin...[learn more] £124.99 
pFutaba BLS174SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Low Profile Servo Overview This low profile servo is designed for a...[learn more] £119.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS371SV Servo Low Profile HV S-Bus2 0.08s/11.0Kg Overview Developed for GP car use, the fully prog...[learn more] £119.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS571SV Servo Car/Boat HV S-Bus2 0.10s/11.0Kg Overview This new low profile servo has been optim...[learn more] £116.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9156 Ideal for any heavy duty loads such as control sur...[learn more] £116.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS173SVI - Brushless HV S-Bus2 Mini Servo 0.10s/7.6Kg Overview The Futaba BLS173SVI S.Bus2 Brushless Hig...[learn more] £113.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS153 Mini brushless servo, which has been developed for...[learn more] £107.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS173SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Mini Servo 0.10s/7.6kg Overview The Futaba BLS173SV S.Bus2 Brushless Hig...[learn more] £107.99 
pFutaba S5050 Power and high holding torque are combined in this...[learn more] £107.99[Special order only] 
pFutaba BLS471SV Servo Car/Boat HV S-Bus2 0.07s/13.8Kg Overview The new 471SV servo has been designed to...[learn more] £106.99 
pFutaba BLS156HV servo (P-SBL156HV) High performance standard size servo which offers ...[learn more] £105.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9157 Developed for large scale aircraft, this servo off...[learn more] £104.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9251 Coreless digital tail rotor servo with aluminium g...[learn more] £104.99 
pFutaba BLS254 Servo - Brushless 0.06s/3.8kg Overview Standard sized tail rotor servo, the BLS...[learn more] £89.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS452 Primarily developed for competition electric power...[learn more] £89.99 
pFutaba S9254 Hyper fast 0.06 sec/60 degrees digital servo, idea...[learn more] £89.50Out of stock
pFutaba BLS252 Servo - Brushless 0.13s/12.6kg Overview Optimised for FAI F3C competition use, t...[learn more] £84.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS253 Brushless A high torque, digital, brushless servo especially...[learn more] £84.99 
pFutaba BLS274SV Brushless HV S-Bus2 Servo 0.05s/5.0Kg Overview Being a standard size tail rotor servo, ...[learn more] £84.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS451 The BLS 451 brushless servo has an excellent speci...[learn more] £84.99 
pFutaba S9153 Stablemate of the S9152 servo, the S9153 is the sa...[learn more] £84.99 
pFutaba S9250 Coreless digital servo with fast starting speed, a...[learn more] £81.99 
pFutaba S9252 Coreless digital servo. High spec multi-purpose ba...[learn more] £79.99Out of stock
pFutaba BLS154 Servo - Brushless 0.14s/7.0kg Overview Popular amongst F3A competitors, the win...[learn more] £76.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba BLS174HV S.Bus Prog High-Torque Servo This low profile servo is designed for aileron use...[learn more] £76.99Discontinued 
pFutaba BLS352 The BLS352This is the Futaba BLS352 Brushless High...[learn more] £76.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9206 A new servo in the range. Features newly designed ...[learn more] £74.99 
pFutaba S9350 Professional, coreless, digital power servo with a...[learn more] £74.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9402 A seriously quick high torque servo with a coreles...[learn more] £71.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9451 Design optimized for use with both standard and hi...[learn more] £69.99Discontinued 
pFutaba BLS151 Servo - Brushless 0.15s/8.8Kg Overview The new BLS151 brushless standard size s...[learn more] £67.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba S3170G Digital Mini Retract Futaba REF S3170G Mini Retract Servo Despite its s...[learn more] £67.99 
pFutaba S9452 Servo - Coreless Digital 0.11s/9.2kg New, high speed, high torque Futaba digital servo ...[learn more] £67.99Out of stock
pFutaba S9550 Digital low profile servo. Fast and powerful servo...[learn more] £67.50Out of stock
pFutaba S9255 The Futaba S9255 Digital High-Torque Heli Servo is...[learn more] £65.50Discontinued 
pFutaba S9154 Specially designed digital wing servo, perfect for...[learn more] £63.99 
pFutaba S9150 Digital servo with coreless motor designed for Ail...[learn more] £63.00Out of stock
pFutaba S9670SV Mini Servo S-Bus Replacing the renowned S9650 servo was always goin...[learn more] £63.00 
pFutaba BLS257 Servo - Brushless 0.07s/2.2kg Overview A mini tail rotor servo, the BLS257 has ...[learn more] £62.99[Available to order] 
pFutaba S3016 MG MINI The Futaba S3016 Mini BB Metal Gear ServoFeatures:...[learn more] £59.99 
pFutaba S9102 A super powerful servo, useful for many applicatio...[learn more] £58.99 
pFutaba S9257 This servo is intended as a FAST tail servo for he...[learn more] £58.99 
pFutaba S9202 The definitive Helicopter servo, the S9202 feature...[learn more] £54.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3102 When micro servo durability is required the S3102 ...[learn more] £54.00Discontinued 
pFutaba S3302 Large size ballraced servo with metal gears. Great...[learn more] £54.00 
pFutaba S3801 Large size heavy duty servo with metal main gear, ...[learn more] £54.00Out of stock
pFutaba S3802 An impressive sail servo from Futaba with a 12cm o...[learn more] £49.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3270SVI Servo Mini HV S-Bus2 0.11s/3.0Kg Overview A mini S.Bus2 high voltage servo designe...[learn more] £48.50 
pFutaba S3071HV Servo - High Voltage Digital S-Bus 0.17s/ Overview Part of Futaba's high quality HV (High Vo...[learn more] £43.99 
pFutaba S3306MG Large AIR or CAR The Futaba S3306MGThe S3306 servo has carved out a...[learn more] £42.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3050 This new digital servo gives the same high torque ...[learn more] £39.99 
pFutaba S3051HV Digital High Voltage A competitively priced high voltage digital servo ...[learn more] £36.99 
pFutaba S3305 A heavy duty standard servo with Brass gears, Dual...[learn more] £36.99 
pFutaba S3155 The S3155This is the Futaba S3155 Digital High Spe...[learn more] £36.00 
pFutaba S3150 Ideal for high performance gliders or electric gli...[learn more] £35.99 
pFutaba S3153MG S3153MGDeveloped for use where metal gears to abso...[learn more] £35.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3153 A digital version of the new S3113 servo, the S315...[learn more] £31.994 for £126.00
pFutaba S3306 The Futaba S3306The largest servo in the Futaba ra...[learn more] £31.50Out of stock
pFutaba S9001 One of the most economical and versatile Coreless ...[learn more] £29.99 
pFutaba S3072HV Servo - High Voltage Digital S-Bus 0.15s/ Overview Part of Futaba's high quality HV (High Vo...[learn more] £28.50Out of stock
pFutaba S135 A small, economical, high speed mini servo with ex...[learn more] £27.50Out of stock
pFutaba S3154 Super light at only 7.9 grams, this sub micro digi...[learn more] £27.504 for £107.00
pFutaba S3101 Superb quality micro servo for use with smaller sc...[learn more] £27.00Out of stock
pFutaba S3152 Boxed At last a truly economic digital servo from Futaba...[learn more] £24.99 
pFutaba S3010 Medium duty standard size servo with that extra bi...[learn more] £22.50 
pFutaba S3014 S3014This standard size water resistant servo is i...[learn more] £22.50 
pFutaba S3152 LOOSE At last a truly economic digital servo from Futaba...[learn more] £18.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3116 This mini servo is based on the S3115 servo, but o...[learn more] £18.504 for £73.00
10 for £180.00
pFutaba S3115 S3115This new mini servo is ideal for many applica...[learn more] £17.99Out of stock
pFutaba S3110 Futaba's latest Sub Micro Servo. Blistering speed ...[learn more] £16.50Out of stock
pFutaba S3114 Futaba S3114 Servo Standard Plug Futaba Plug - We ...[learn more] £15.992 for £31.50
pFutaba S3001 Economical servo for all applications. The same si...[learn more] £11.504 for £43.96
pFutaba S3004 The ballraced version of the economy S3003 is idea...[learn more] £10.50Out of stock
pFutaba S148 Including Ball Race 148 Conv Kit If you are looking for a little bit more performan...[learn more] £9.99Out of stock
pFutaba S148 One of the most popular general purpose servos. It...[learn more] £8.504 for £33.00
10 for £80.00
pFutaba S3003 Popular standard size economy servo ideal for all ...[learn more] £8.254 for £31.96
pFutaba S148 Ball Race Conversion Kit Is your 148 suffering from a rampaging resolution?...[learn more] £4.99Out of stock

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