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 Make Model Description Price DealsQty
pAcademy Bismarck 1/350th Static This model is delivered by Carrier - well packed t...[learn more] £31.49Out of stock
pAcademy Tirpitz 1/350th Static This new Academy model has all the hall marks of l...[learn more] £31.49Out of stock
pArtesania U.S. Constellation (American Frigate 1798) It is difficult to find in the annals of the Navy ...[learn more] £279.99 
pArtesania Latina AL20505 Mississippi Artesania Latina (AL20505) Mississippi The most im...[learn more] £139.99 
pArtesania Marina II Artesania Code: AL20506 Marina II - Quality in a b...[learn more] £124.99 
pArtesania Scottish Maid AL18021 Artesania Latina (AL18021) Scottish Maid The schoo...[learn more] £99.99Out of stock
pArtesania Marie Jeanne 1:50 Scale Artesania Latina Ref 22170 Marie Jeanne 1:50 Scale...[learn more] £89.99 
pArtesania Mare Nostrum The Mare Nostrum is a typical trawler in the Medit...[learn more] £84.99 
pArtesania Viking 1:75 Scale Artesania Latina Ref 19001 Viking 1:75 ScaleSpecif...[learn more] £59.99 
pArtesania Latina AL19007 Bon Retour The Bon Retour is an all-wood replica of a shell f...[learn more] £59.99 
pArtesania Latina Ref AL19015 Endeavour's Longboat 1:50 Scale HMS Endeavour was launched in 1764 and was acquire...[learn more] £59.99 
pArtesania RMS Titanic Life Boat The RMS Titanic, owned by the White Star Line, was...[learn more] £54.99 
pArtesania HMS Bounty Jolly Boat In April 1789, the Bounty left Tahiti and while cr...[learn more] £54.99 
pArtesania San Juan Nepomuceno 1765 1:25 Latina Ref - 18010 San Juan Nepomuceno 1765 1:25 ...[learn more] £45.99 
pBillings Varnadis Schooner BB502 In the mid-1860's a Swedish distilling company pla...[learn more] £1170.00[Available to order] 
pBillings RMS Titanic 1:144 Scale RMS Titanic was a passenger liner that sank in the...[learn more] £899.99[Available to order] 
pBillings Absalon Naval Ship BB500 AbsalonThe 140M Long command & support ship ...[learn more] £450.00Out of stock
pBillings Colin Archer B414 Colin Archer RS 1 was built in 1893 for the ...[learn more] £391.50Out of stock
 Billings Smit Nederland 528C Smit Nederland The Smit Nederland was built ...[learn more] £349.99Out of stock
pBillings Calypso Code B560 -The well-trained model builder will fin...[learn more] £323.99Out of stock
pBillings Norske Love BB437 Norske LoveA three-masted warship launched i...[learn more] £299.99Out of stock
pBillings WASA BB490 WasaA three-masted royal ship launched in 16...[learn more] £290.00Out of stock
pBillings B506 Fairmont Alpine The Dutch "SuperTug", B506 Fairmount Alpine kit ca...[learn more] £287.99 
pBillings B564 Cutty Sark A tea clipper launched in 1869. Length 85.34 m, br...[learn more] £279.99 
pBillings Nordkap Fishing Trawler 476 Nordkap A typical trawler from the North Sea,...[learn more] £264.99 
pBillings Smit Rotterdam BB478 Smit RotterdamSmit Rotterdam was built in 19...[learn more] £249.99 
pBillings BB592 Zwarte Zee BB592 Zwarte ZeeThe Zwarte Zee was built in 1963 a...[learn more] £209.99 
pBillings U.K Fishing Boat Evelyn Rose BB524 Evelyn RoseA typical English cod fishing tra...[learn more] £198.99Out of stock
pBillings Billings BB508 USS Constitution Double Planked do-it-yourself Laser cut Wooden Boa...[learn more] £174.99 
pBillings HMS Bounty 1:50 Scale Overview Among all those recorded through naval...[learn more] £169.99 
pBillings Mayflower A three-masted galleon launched in 1615. Length 19...[learn more] £159.99Out of stock
pBillings Banckert 516 Banckert This vessel was built in 1965 at the...[learn more] £157.99 
pBillings U.S. Coast Guard 586 U.S. Coast Guard This 44-foot Coast Guard is ...[learn more] £157.50Out of stock
pBillings Gothenburg BB432 GothenburgGotheburg is a replica of a vessel...[learn more] £153.00Out of stock
pBillings Emile Robin BB430 Emile RobinThis lifeboat was named after the...[learn more] £148.50Out of stock
pBillings Half Moon BB450 Half MoonHenry Hudson (1565-1611) was an Eng...[learn more] £144.99Out of stock
pBillings Slo-mo-shun IV 520 Slo-mo-shun When three men met in early 1949 ...[learn more] £143.99Out of stock
pBillings Boulogne Etaples 534 Boulogne Etaples This original design can be ...[learn more] £143.99Out of stock
pBillings African Queen 588 African Queen This is the ship which gave its...[learn more] £139.99 
pBillings Fishing Boat Mary Ann BB472 Mary AnnThe Mary Ann is the first model prod...[learn more] £131.99Out of stock
pBillings Bluenose 576 Bluenose The schooner Bluenose has a very spe...[learn more] £126.00 
pBillings St Canute 700 St. Canute Built in l93l at the Frederikshavn...[learn more] £126.00 
pBillings Krabbencutter CUX87 BB474 Cux 87The Cux 87 is a typical German trawler...[learn more] £121.50Out of stock
pBillings St Roch BB605 St. RochThe St. Roch was built at the Burrar...[learn more] £109.99 
pBillings Phantom BB710 PhantomA Classic American runabout from the ...[learn more] £109.99 
pBillings B701 FD10 Yawl A typical Danish seiner, with a gross tonnage of 6...[learn more] £99.99 
pBillings White Star 570 White Star A model of a typical American moto...[learn more] £94.50Out of stock
pBillings Marie Jean 580 Marie Jeanne Built as the 19th Century was dr...[learn more] £89.99Out of stock
pBillings 1:72 AMERICAS CUP AMERICA 1850-On the urging of the New York Yacht Club to b...[learn more] £89.99 
pBillings Colin Archer Small BB606 Colin Archer (small)RS 1 was built in 1893 f...[learn more] £81.99 
pBillings Bluenose II NO DVD 600 Bluenose II The schooner Bluenose has a very ...[learn more] £72.00Out of stock
pBillings Will Everard 601 Will Everard A 280-ton bark built for F.T. E...[learn more] £72.00Out of stock
pBillings 604 H.M.S. Renown 604 H.M.S. Renown This ship is a 50-foot steam pi...[learn more] £71.99Out of stock
pBillings Norden 603 Norden The Norden is a typical coaster of the...[learn more] £63.00Out of stock
pBillings B301 Building Slip NEW VERSION BILLING (B301) BOATS BUILDING SLIP (£44.99, in sto...[learn more] £49.99Out of stock
pBillings US Coast Guard Small 100 US Coast Guard small versionBB100 U.S. Coast G...[learn more] £38.99 
pBillings BB101 RNLI Waveny Lifeboat BB101 RNLI LifeboatBuilt at the Coast Guard shipya...[learn more] £38.99 
pBillings Dana 200 Dana The Dana is a typical fishing cutter from...[learn more] £38.99Out of stock
pBillings Rainbow This shrimp cutter is a typical cutter from the 19...[learn more] £38.99 
pCARSON Bismarck 1:200 Scale ARR Radio Control 1:200 Scale Bismarck BattleshipLengt...[learn more] £900.00[Available to order] 
pCARSON RC Vosper PT Patrol Boat (Pre-Built) Radio Control Twin 540 Motor Vosper PT Boat in mas...[learn more] £450.00 
pCARSON CUX-13 6-Ch Fishing Boat RTR 2.4GHz Ahoy skipper - become a helmsman on the CARSON fis...[learn more] £225.00 
 CML VOLANTEX BLADE BRUSHLESS BOAT RTR (66CM) Details to follow....[learn more] £129.99Out of stock
pGraupner 2141 KRABBE TÖN 12 The Graupner crab-fishing cutter TÖN 12 KRABBE is ...[learn more] £84.99Out of stock
pGraupner Pollux The Pollux is a freelance design of one of the man...[learn more] £34.99Discontinued 
pGraupner U 16 Submarine RTF The U-16 is based on a submarine operated by the G...[learn more] £32.99Discontinued 
pGraupner Mini Beast RC Shark! Swim with the Shark! RC Shark now available - It's...[learn more] £28.99Out of stock
 Graupner 140 Propulsion Pack M-1147 Multispeed 140 Propulsion Pk Complete dri...[learn more] £19.99Discontinued 
 Graupner 30mm 3 Blade LH Prop Manufactured from high impact red plastic with pre...[learn more] T.B.A.Out of stock
 Graupner 51mm Shaft and Tube 51mm (2 inch) Shaft/Tube 2mm M2-M2 High quality s...[learn more] T.B.A.Out of stock
pHobby Engine Hobby Engine Southampton Tug Boat Scaled down to the smallest detail Southampton is ...[learn more] £152.99 
pHobby Engine Hobby Engine Atlantic Tug Boat The Hobby Engine Atlantic"' tug boat is based on r...[learn more] £134.99 
pHorizon ProBoat ROCKSTAR 48-INCH GAS RTR CATAMARAN SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - THIS ITEM REQUIRES A DEPOSIT ...[learn more] £894.99[Special order only] 
pHorizon PROBOAT BLACKJACK 29 RTR Competition Ready Straight Out of the Box! Ove...[learn more] £309.99 
pHorizon PROBOAT Miss Geico Brushless Catamaran 2.4GHz RTR The Miss Geico offshore racing catamaran is owned ...[learn more] £299.99[Available to order] 
pHorizon PROBOAT Impulse 31 Deep-V Brushless RTR Competition ready straight from the box! Overv...[learn more] £289.99Out of stock
pHorizon PROBOAT - Formula FASTech Brushless Deep-V RTR Key Features Brushless electric power system allo...[learn more] £274.99Out of stock
pHorizon ProBoat Ragazza 1 Metre Sailboat RTR A winning combination of striking good looks, bala...[learn more] £225.99Out of stock
pHorizon ProBoat Shockwave 26 Inch BL Deep-V RTR Overview Features Specifications Overv...[learn more] £179.99 
pHorizon Proboat EP Endeavor Sailboat Horizon ProBoat PRB2450 Endeavor Sailboat with Ele...[learn more] £174.00 
pHorizon PROBOAT BlackJack 24-Inch BL Catamaran RTR OverviewWant to experience all catamaran boating c...[learn more] £169.99 
pHorizon Proboat Westward 18 Sailboat RTR Horizon ProBoat PRB3350 Westward 18 Sailboat RTRTh...[learn more] £126.99Out of stock
pHorizon ProBoat Recoil 17 RTR Overview Features Specifications Overv...[learn more] £124.99 
pHorizon ProBoat IMPULSE 17 RTR DEEP-V Horizon ProBoat (PRB0400) IMPULSE 17 RTR DEEP-VGoi...[learn more] £79.99Out of stock
pHorizon MISS GEICO 17-INCH RTR CATAMARAN Horizon ProBoat (PRB0300I) MISS GEICO 17-INCH RTR ...[learn more] £76.99Out of stock
pHorizon PROBOAT Min C Cat EP RTR Product Code: PRB701 Mini-C Catamaran EP RTR- ava...[learn more] £69.99Out of stock
pHorizon PROBOAT Mini-V EP RTR - Free Batt& Charger Product Code : PRB3001 Key Features Durable deep...[learn more] £64.99Out of stock
pItaleri Schnellboot S-100 Italeri (5603) Schnellboot S-100 (PRM Edition)Amon...[learn more] £115.99Discontinued 
pJP Torpedo Boat(green)26CC Petrol Engine Thanks for looking in on this listing. This model ...[learn more] £369.99Out of stock
pJP Vosper E.P A.R.T.F 950E.P 5502230 P150 VOSPER EP 950EP UK (ARTR) BOAT. High...[learn more] £349.99Out of stock
pJP Midwest Fan Tail Launch II Suitable for R/C & now including the Running Hardw...[learn more] £67.99Out of stock
 JP Dumas Chris-Craft 19ft. Racer JP REF5501724 DUMAS Chris-Craft 19ft. RacerDumas C...[learn more] £42.99 
pJP Atomic Thunder Destroyer RTR Boat JP Ref: 5503000 Atomic Thunder Destroyer RTR Boat ...[learn more] £39.99 
pKyosho Fairwind Ready Set III Enjoy reading wind shifts and trimming the sails w...[learn more] £299.99Out of stock
pKyosho SEAWIND READYSET (KT21) The secret to long-term success is performance. No...[learn more] £289.99Out of stock
pKyosho Lamborghini C1 CAT OverviewIntroducing the R/C racing boat "Lamborghi...[learn more] £240.00Discontinued 
pKyosho EP Twin Storm 800 Readyset Awesome twin power unit, with two 7.2V and two wat...[learn more] £184.99Out of stock
 Kyosho Fortune 612 II Readyset Quality from out of the box - The Kyosho Ref: 4004...[learn more] £174.99Out of stock
 Kyosho EP AIRSTREAK 500 Readyset Sold in the U.K without Battery and Charger - this...[learn more] £119.99 
pMantua Model 730 Venice Motor Boat Venice motor boat 730 Scale 1:28 Length 830mm. Thi...[learn more] £233.99 
pMantua Model 736 Bruma Cabin Cruiser 1:43 Scale Bruma 736 Scale 1:45 Length 860mm. This is a lovel...[learn more] £179.99 
pMantua Model 753 Trotamares Motor Schooner Trotamares 753 Scale 1:43 Length 800mm. The Trotam...[learn more] £179.99 
pMantua Model Mantua Model (755) Pinta Mantua Model (755) PintaPinta 755 Scale 1:50 Lengt...[learn more] £89.00 
pMantua Model 793 HMS Racehorse Bomb Ketch 1:47 Racehorse 793 Scale 1:47 Length 590mm. Originally ...[learn more] £71.00 
pMantua Model 600 Bruma Motor Unit Bruma 600 motor unit. This motor has been designed...[learn more] £49.00[Available to order] 
pMantua Model 700 Police Boat This Model Police Boat 700 is a Scale of 1:35 Leng...[learn more] £42.00 
pMantua Model 601 Venice Motor Boat Motor Unit This motor has been designed for the Venetian moto...[learn more] £34.00[Available to order] 
pRC System The Catherine - ex Thunder Tiger These beautiful boats come with pre-painted fiberg...[learn more] £159.99Discontinued 
pRC System The King Fisher -ex Thunder Tiger These beautiful boats come with pre-painted fiberg...[learn more] £159.99Discontinued 
pRC System The Lobmaster - ex Thunder Tiger These beautiful boats come with pre-painted fiberg...[learn more] £159.99Discontinued 
pRC System The Majestic - ex Thunder Tiger Calling all Helmsman, the Lobster boats have just ...[learn more] £159.99Discontinued 
pRevell R.M.S. Titanic - 100th anniversary edition 1:400 Scale Titanic Centenary plastic model kit to scale 1:400...[learn more] £49.99 
pRevell Queen Mary 1/700 - Static Revell Queen Mary – this is a 1/700 scale kit. A n...[learn more] £21.99 
pRevell 1:350 Battleship Tirpitz Plastic Revell (5096) 1:350 Battleship Tirpitz Plastic Mod...[learn more] T.B.A.Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Blaze E.P BL RTR 2.4GHZ It's here Joysway B-JS-9201/2-4G X-Blaze EP Brush...[learn more] £224.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Surge Crusher BL 2.4GHZ RTR Specification: Length: 690mm Beam: 200mm Weight:...[learn more] £224.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Sea Fire E.P BL RTR 2.4GHZ It's here - The Joysway B-JS-9202/2-4G Sea Fire EP...[learn more] £180.00 
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Infinity Brushless (No Radio) Features Self-righting hull design Two blade n...[learn more] £162.00 
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Warrior Yellow 2.4GHz Introducing the Joysway Offshore Warrior electric ...[learn more] £152.99 
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Sea Rider RTF 2.4GHz Yel The Joysway boats are perfect for your local pond,...[learn more] £152.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Sea Rider RTF 2.4GHz Red The Joysway boats are perfect for your local pond,...[learn more] £152.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Sea Drifter RTF 2.4GHz Red Introducing the Joysway Sea Drifter electric brush...[learn more] £152.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Sea Drifter RTF 2.4GHz Yel Introducing the Joysway Sea Drifter electric brush...[learn more] £152.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Warrior 2 RTR - Red 2.4GHz Overview Introducing the Joysway Off-Shore Warrio...[learn more] £152.99 
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Lite Sea Rider RTR Yel The bigger brother to the (Ref B-JS-8202)Magic Cat...[learn more] £64.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Sea Rider Lite 2.4GHz Ripmax Joysway B-JS-8208/2-4G Offshore Sea Rider L...[learn more] £64.99Out of stock
pRipmax Joysway Offshore Warrior Lite V3 RTR 2.4GHz Overview This updated version of the Offshore War...[learn more] £49.99 
pRipmax Joysway Caribbean 1:46 Sailboat RTR 2.4GHz The diminutive 1:46 scale Caribbean yacht offers h...[learn more] £49.95 
pRipmax Joysway Magic Vee V3 RTR White 2.4GHz Despite its diminutive size, the brilliant Magic V...[learn more] £44.99 
pRipmax UDI Power Venom Boat Overview The UDI001 Power Venom Boat is UDI's f...[learn more] £35.99 
 SWM Born Wild DEAL Complete Born Wild With 2 Function 27 mHz Acoms Radio, 7.2 ...[learn more] £134.99 
 SWM Predator DEAL Complete Predator with 2 Function 27 mHz Acoms Radio, 7.2 V...[learn more] £134.99Out of stock
pThunder Tiger SB1 NEPTUNE SUBMARINE COMBO Overview Features Specifications Overv...[learn more] £494.99[Special order only] 
pThunder Tiger Bandit 3.5 II W/OB Thunder Tiger Ref 5210-A11O Bandit 3.5 II W/OB (Or...[learn more] £179.99Discontinued 
pThunder Tiger TT5123F01 Outlaw OBL Jr Yellow RTR The Outlaw OBL Jr is the little brother to the OU...[learn more] £162.00 
pThunder Tiger TT5123F02 Outlaw OBL Jr Green RTR The Outlaw OBL Jr is the little brother to the OUT...[learn more] £162.00 
pThunder Tiger Avanti ARTR Brushless Powerboat – Blue Overview With an elegant aerodynamic design and br...[learn more] £162.00 
pThunder Tiger Avanti ARTR Brushless Powerboat – Orange Overview With an elegant aerodynamic design and br...[learn more] £162.00 
pThunder Tiger ATLANTIC MOTOR YACHT COMBO+ Combining scale and speed, the Atlantic is great f...[learn more] £144.00Out of stock
pThunder Tiger Victoria II RC Yacht Overview Standing over four feet tall, the Vict...[learn more] £99.99 
pThunder Tiger XQ Toys 1:28 MICRO R/C RACING BOAT XQ Toys X-Tech Micro sized offshore power boat.Fea...[learn more] £19.99 
pTrumpeter HMS Hood 1/350 - ON SALE Considered the most handsome ship of the between t...[learn more] £81.99Out of stock
pVladyka Zar Fire Boat B-VL004 Vladyka ZAR Fire Boat EP 520mm Part of a ...[learn more] £34.99Out of stock
pVladyka Pilot Boat B-VL002 Vladyka Pilot Boat EP 500mm Part of a new...[learn more] £34.99Out of stock
pVladyka WSP 9 Police Boat B-VL003 Vladyka WSP 9 Police Boat EP 500mm Part o...[learn more] £34.99Out of stock
pVladyka Atol Speed Boat B-VL001 Vladyka Atol Speedboat EP 515mm Part of a...[learn more] £29.99Out of stock
pWorld Models Squadron Boat / Petrol Engine The World Model's company are world famous ( as t...[learn more] £999.99Out of stock
pWorld Models Leopard Radio controlled racing boat for I.C. Engine. This...[learn more] £180.00Out of stock
 World Models Leopard Fittings Kit Full fittings kit for the Leopard. Many machined p...[learn more] £170.99 
pWorld Models Born Wild Very easy to assemble, most the work is done. Just...[learn more] £59.99Out of stock
pWorld Models Predator Electric powered racing boat. The latest fast 7.2 ...[learn more] £59.99Out of stock
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